Phone #'s and email addresses

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Hamilton, Jefferson Principal (as of 7-1-2017)
Walker, Justine Assistant Principal (as of 7-1-2017) 323.5600
Administrative Assistants
Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Dimick, Crystal Secretary, Main office 323.5659
Frank, Lexie Media Center Secretary 323.5686
Meyle, Jill Attendance Secretary 323.5661

Student Services
Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Greene, Michelle
Student Support Specialist 323.5676
Mossoian, Spencer Psychologist 323.5035
Overheul, Kate
Academic Data Coordinator  323.5639
Schippers, Shannon Counselor 323.5675
Palmer, Chris  Counselor  

Support Staff
Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Hamman, Molly Behavioral Consultant 323.5018
Packer-McGowan, Hilary Food Service 323.5691
Bakos, Jennie Speech-Language Therapist 323.5478
Name Class Email Address Phone Number
Badders, Jason Woodshop @ CHS 323.5222
Borden, Randy English Language Arts 323.5625
Comensoli, Cheryl French 323.5622
Dunlop, John Physical Ed & Athletic Director 323.5665
Essex, Teresa Art Education 323.5602
Flynn, Patrick Band 323.5331
Flynn, Rennee Band 323.5331
Franks, Amy Science/Tech Ed/Yearbook 323.5641
Gardner, Scott Special Education 323.5618
Haughn, Ken Science 323.5609
Haughn, Melissa ELA 323.5640
Hettinger, Denise Language Arts 323.5620
Hunter, Cindy Choir 323.5333
Hug, Allison Special Education  323.5644 
Juodawlkis, Mike Social Studies 323.5615
Lopez, Katelin Spanish 323.5632
McClish, Silvia Orchestra 323.5607
McKenzie, John Math 323.5619
Miller, Rhonda Math 323.5617
Molitor, Shawn Social Studies 323.5623
Nuismer, Collin ELA 323.5628
Prater, Karen Language Arts 323.5631
Ramsdell, Dan Social Studies 323.5630 
Roberts, Mike Science 323.5645
Robison, Stephanie Language Arts 323.5612 
Roy, Lisa  Family & Consumer Science 323.5648
Savage, Steve Spanish 323.5624
Schrauben, Malena Science & Computers 323.5603
Winkle, Kris Social Studies & Computers 323.5614
Wilson, Doug
Special Education  323.5104
Wydendorf, Janet Math 323.5626
Wydendorf, Kelsey Science 323.5643
Zielonka, Nicole Math 323.5616

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